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We are committed to transforming your hair and skin through one product at a time. All of our products are natural and organic infused with rich, nutrient ingredients that deeply penetrate your precious hair and skin. We provide safe and effective products free from Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, and Cruelty Free. We greatly appreciate everyone who has and who will purchase from us.

Zaniyah Naturals

The name Zaniyah means foreverand always. Our promise to you as a gracious supporter is to provide the best product available in a sustainable manner and to forever and always remain Natural.

Detox Growth Elixir

Promotes significant hair growth and strenght for all hair types. Detoxes and clenses scalp while reducing build-up from products, sweat, and dead skin. Improves circulation accelerates healing.

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We make affordable beauty products. At our core is transparency, truth in advertising, and creating superior products for you to enjoy without breaking the bank.

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